Carlac overhead

Capital Overhead


the main road into the capital


the new capital city


a picture of the palace coming up the end of the clock bridge

Now I am going to write info about Carlton city. The city is located on a carlac lot. The fixture count is almost 2,342 so its a pretty big place. This city contains the senate, palace, and lead offices for every thing with in the nation. The clock bridge is also located here.

The Capital City

The capital is the legislative site for every thing within the nation. This city has changed since the old picture you see on the side of this paragraph. Everything is still there, army offices, library, senate and such as that, yet now its a redesign with more plants around the area.  You can have a peak of what it looks like from this picture.  Now there are apartment for people to live in. We also have a new church in this city.