Here on this site we have many ways that people can stay in contact, and voice thier opinon on diffrent topics going on. Since this site can be used as a social site, there are 4 major ways that we can talk to on another or send out messages on events and topics that are occuring.

Chat: the most common system, yet to use it you have to be a member to this site. Still thought if a person acts out of line, a administrator or chat moderator can kick them from the chat, or apply a chat ban.

Blog: the blog is a system i can use or other people to talk about a topic, it is not like the chat beacuase on a author of the blog can add or change things to it, but i belive people can comment on the blog post though.

Forum: the forum has aspects of the blog, but is more set up then the actuall chat system. people can comment and post new topics on a forum, and it is open to more people then the author of the forum topic.

Talk Page. this is the most common and easy to use system. the only issue is though, you can not remove what you say from the talk page, once you type it, it stays there. so do not say anything embarrasing or of a more