the political office with a air force plan flying over.

 This ryloth citys is based on a extended ryloth lot on the clone wars adventures game nation. This lot was made by joshua amberton. The lot has a fixture count of 1,327. The lot is one of the very few lots that has major areas for politics, and military activity

Politics and Military

One of the most important features of the lot is the fact it has major political and military areas. The parliments has a major meeting area, and office area in the city. On the backside of the political offices, there is a blue dividing wall for a major air force base. We do air force tranning for rp troops in that area.

Rp with in the city.Edit

The city has resturants, parks, houses, and almost anything else a person could want to do with rp. There are hunting areas, and forestry with in the whole city. With all this room, a person can do many things.

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