Lately, a lot of the economic ideas, have not bee on the federal/national levels of government but more local. I personally agree with this idea, as the local areas produce revenue which goes to the national level to administer. A president is not in full control of a state but a governor is. Unless your a nation that is a nation state, no other areas but the one state, there are different sectors to your government. Lately, a lot of the new ideas, budget plans, creations, and decisions have been taken by people at smaller, non national forms of government.



I want to do some project simulations taking the recent local economic format into play.



1. I want to work on giving community programs a government status. If we can fund projects, programs, public places and other things, restore them, it will create some new functions and projects that create jobs and public interest in my theory.


2. Natural Resource plans will be involved. Texas is a oil producing state, but not every city in texas, has a oil rig drilling. I want to see locally, how can we find resources, get them prodcuing, and make a sustainable resources system for each local area.