The Felucia City, the jungle of the game nation.  This city was made for the new day/night severs diffrent lots have. The city takes up 3/4 of the lot. Its a balance bettwen a role play cit, and a city with things players can actually do. Like most of the citys it has the basic, arcade, resturant, and show off rooms. Two special things are a workshop and a musuem at this city. the current fixture count is 843. Mkaing this lot one of the bigger ones within the nation.

Things in the city.

This citys has a arcade/ officers club, a workshop, resturant, museum, two sitting rooms, and a war room. Each have a usall room size, the biggest being the museum and the smallest being a war room. All rooms are lighted for the day/ night switch on this lot. This lost is ually locked, but will be opened more often. Its is one of the more used lots for its day to night changes. Although it seems the night lasts a bit longer then the day.

The Felucia city.

Making this city was  used for two reasons. The first lot to have day and night, and for the new location of the lot. This particular lot was not used in the nation until the creation of the felucia starter lot. Since then jungle planets have became a big part of the nation since the additon of day/ night servers, and the felucia battlezone. As being one of the bigger citys it is a big part of the nation. This city is a great place to hang out at in the nation.