Windton, also known as wind town, is a geonosis lot that holds a city for the cwa game nation. This is the only city currently to have two glitches. The city is one of the only cities to have a museum. The current fixture count is 680 making it one of the middle cities in size.  


Geonosis City Entry

Beside the glitches, a player can go to the officers club, museum, or even war room. The officers club has arcade games. War room is a basic war room with maps and every thing. Yet, a player can tour the area and use a test defense cannon there. Not many museums can say theirs has a dinosaur in it from geonosis ,ours does though.


Genosis Upper Bridge Area

                Although this city is not the biggest; some of the detail in the city makes it great, like the skywalk that leads to the glitch area. A player can enjoy the city as a place to hang out.

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