The IceBerg Three city, also known as Elite City. Is a city in the cwa game nation. This lot has a fixture count is 515. Making this lot a medium size lot. The lot has a club, and arcade, and hotel. Yet, this new lot has the first ship musuem ever built.  Although the lot is based on a nighttime setting , it is not very dark there. So, added lighting was not needed. People can live in the apartments built in the city, or stay there for a short period.  As, the citys moves forward more things will be added, but not very many so the city does not lag.

Added by Joshlexen

The next part of the city is the roads. The city has diffrent color floor tiles for roads.  Yellow, Blue, Red, and Black are all used throught the street. So, the city is one of the most colorfull ever built  . One of the most intresting parts to the city is the fact that the club is the biggest building. The club is shaped like a octagon.

. While the other buildings are the regular up and down. The club spreads out. The city is a great place to hang out at. If your ever online at the clone wars adventures game, please come and check it out.                         

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