The nation health unit is the hospital association for the game nation. This unit consits of all public services and military role play health care. For right now beside military care, there are two other hospitals for public use. One is loacted in Royaltown, the other in Hilltop village. Both have about ten rooms in all to fit people. Since both of these lots have a day/ night switch all lighting is given in both places. Royal hopsital is the hospital in the carlac city, better know as royal town, it has one level and has a window for most patient rooms.

The second hospital is located in hilltop village city, on a geonosis lot, it has more rooms and is a big biggger in width then royal town hospital. Since this lot has a quicker night setting more lights are put around the area, to give some brightness to the area. Even on the cwa game , its lots for role players to do in these citys.