The Nation Park is a park made on a astroied lot on clone wars adventures. This park has a fixture count of 237, making it one of the smaller places within the nation. The park itself has three main points. The bridge, the activity park, and the troop park. The bridge is a reagular bridge made out of three diffrent color floor pannels. Red, Blue, and Gold are the colors that make it up. Going from the road itself into the parks, the bridge has a red pannel tilted upward to reach the height of the bridge. With pole supports under the bridge and railing the bridge is sturdy and most players will not fall off it. From there the bridge can either take you to the activity park, or the troop park. When you look forward the entry to the bridge off the bridge you can see the troop fountain. This, the conovur fountain you can buy in card assult packs, is standing surronded by flat archive pannels. The rest of the park is like a normal park with swings, and a basketball court, and and the running track.

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