Since a lot of people lately have had problems rembering or accesing the law code for this nation, I personally decided it was time it was made more public and seen to all.

1. The national religon is christianity, this is the main basis of the nation, any breech or betryal of this value is a capital offense, and will be tried for the capital punishment.

2. Homosexuality is striclty forbidden, the bullying of any LGBT citizens is illegal, and will be charged, yet no format of these types of relationships are allowed.

3. To clarify rule 2 some more, gay relationships of any form will not be recoginised, and any homosexual citizens have a right to petition or protest for change of this law, any attempt to will be a breech of law here, and will be prosecuted.      

4. Any sexual abuse, verbal or physical will be prosecuted. For instance the main charge for rape, is a offense, and most likely will result in castration for any male offenders.

5. Since sadly many people are compulsive liars, if for instance a female lied about a male sexually attacking here, and the male was prosecuted and recived a setrelization. The female would be prosecuted for lieing, and giving mis-information, and would also be sterlized.

6. Any type of millitary terrorsim, wether civilian or soldier, will be dealt with in the court of law.

7. The political leadership of the nation has a right to take away a persons rights to certain acces on any of our sites, yet this can only occur when a person has done a act that cause a issue in the chat, forum, editing, or blog post of thier own words.

8. All abortion is illegal, unless under cirumstances that can be medically proven.

9. All citizens must conduct some job within thier life time.

10. Pornographic material is permanetly ban.

11. All public education must teach the Gospel of Christ.

12. Anyone who gives mis-information can be crinimal charges, for holding up a investigation.

13. The active millitary can do public police jobs.

14. No Islamic ideals are allowed into this nation, the name of any islamic ideals can be seen as a capital offense and will be charged to the person who said them. None of thier dirty ideas will ever be accepted when many good people died to beat them.

15. Any attempt to hack a page on this site, will be ban for life from this site.