Hello, and welcome to our new information page about the politics of our online nation. The basic area of intrest on this page is the legislative and executive areas of our leader ship.

Legislative Area of Intrest. Instead of using the common senate system, we use a system of legislative representation called parliament. A parliament is another form of a senate, yet is more commonly used in European politics. Intead of having senators, a term commonly used, especially in the United Kingdom parliament, is the term of MP. A MP would be a version of parliament senator.

Executive Area

On here we use two forms of Executive authority. A Prime Minister, which is a version of a president, and; a monarch. A monarch; more commonly known by a title king or queen, is either a elected or herditery positon. Some acces more power or more of a ceremonial status.

A Prime Minister is head of government, yet is also a acting member of a parliament. Normally at one point being a MP in some format, works there way through the ranks of parliament to get to a point to where they have the knowledge and experience to become a Prime Minister. While He/She is on office as a prime minister they are also called upon by parliament to respond to a MP's questions on their actions while holding the office.

We have two executive positions so neither person abuses the power they are given, with two people every thing can be equaled out, and more ideas from both sides of the executive spectrum can be viewed.

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