We sell both oil, and other forms of energy. Here is a list of the energy we can provide your nation: oil, methane, coal, solar, and wind forms of energy. We produce and set up wind plants to produce energy for your nation, you can by one or in bulk orders, are the price of 40 per wind energy system. Our fuels sell very cheap compared to any other national or international energy company. Here is the price of our fuel, in the us dollar, pound, and yaun; 3.45 in American dollars, 2.0443 British pounds, and 21.5882 Chinese Yaun. That is the oil price per barrel. The price of methane is as follows: 2.9628 UK Pounds ,5 US Dollars, and31.298 Chinese Yuan Renminbi. Now the price of our solar industry depends in the area of instillation. We sell solar generators, that operate of 4 built panels, that then run a generator, these generators hardly lose one percentage of working internal battery power over the course of 10 years !!. These generators can charge off sun light, house lights, tv light, computer light, basically any light source can be converted into energy by these generators, they cost 600 dollars per generator, yet one can power enough system to run a small apartment, our solar panels, are built to the system size of 10 ft by 6 ft. They can make power that results into many watts per ray. The best part is, you can save the power in them, for latter use. Any power it generates can either be used or stored, so in your city, if you have a power outage, no fear, just flip the stored battery switch, and the battery will send its stored power to homes, business, work sites, and any other electric need your nation needs. They do have one up keep though, they need to be serviced once a year, to check its system ignition battery. These are machines, yet the cost is very low. One battery produces a charge to make the internal systems run. Our panels are connected to wires that run a charge from our panels, to your buildings to make electricity. Yet, the initial charge is made by this battery. The battery has levels of acid that can damage the panels if it leaks, so this battery has pockets for water to be poured into it. The water supply lasts for a year, so per year the water level inside the battery should be checked. Also, service on the panels is needed to check for internal or external wear of the panels. The price of the panels are 300 per panel, and the service per panel costs 100 US Dollars. I would highly recommend yearly service because to replace the ignition battery costs 1,200 US Dollars, the price to make and ship the ignition battery is high, so please service these panels if your buy them for your nation. Here are the final costs of all our services.