One of the more younger citys in the nation is located on a ryloth lot on the clone wars adventures game. This city has a fixture count of 782, making it one of the larger citys within the nation. This citys best feature is the glitch that can take a player outside of the lot and into the  areas around the lot. The second best part is the nations premire museum located on this lot. Through the city a player would find apartments, a arcade, meeting rooms, a store, a resturant, and some thing new that no other city currently has, a bank.  The decoration in this city is a bit diffrent. Instead of doing straight out buildings the way down. In the middle of the city two plant decorations are made.  This city currently houses one military office which is a command station. Although no info is stored here many meetings occur, as this is also used as a political office. As most citys now there are a day and night server, there are light poles spread accross the city to provide light when it is dark. There are auto lights and lights that have to be turned on so some kind of light is always avalible.