The Mulit Puropse Center is a center in the cwa game nation that is used for events, services, or anything else that happens on the game nation. Its current location is the felucia starter lot. The starter lot is just a small box shaped lot based on the planet of felucia. On both sides of the center the regular felucia starter lot displays are there. These come with the lot , yet a lot owner can not acces them for building purpose. The center does have lights , due to the day/night change on this lot. Right now there are 26 seats in the arean, yet 20 more can be installed. At the  front there are too expanded gold windows for doors. The center itself is gold, yet the floor pannels are black, from the umbara set. At the entry there are two mon cala house guests and at the stairs to the platform there are two clone trooper guests.