Think about this thought, a emp bomb hits your town.

The lights go out, you cant call your loved ones, cars dont work, no food in the stores, people cant work. Nothing is running in your area, soon fight break out over food, people are dieing all around. Soon, to supposedly " keep the peace" millitary troops move in and start killing riot groups. Now you face the fear of soldiers, and being attacked by gangs just for any scrap of food your home contains. By the time of a year after, your town is  a wasteland the stench of rotting bodies, the food is gone, water sources are contaminated. Why would you allow this to happen when it does not have to happen. We can protect our grid to be sure the power stays on. So, all we have to do is sign this new petition, asking nicely the Obama Administration to work on this project, and if they wont listen then we will go to the company how make our electirc products. General electric, and other company how have a hand in these proucts. Here is the link to the main petiton, we only have a month to get 100 signatures for our petition to be noticed, so tell your friends, family, and other people you meet about this project. Thank you. :)


Joshua Lexen

Here is the petition link.

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