Welcome to vote 2014 primary, use the following instructions to cast your ballot. 1. When there is a yes-no question, type the number of the question then give your response to it.

Sample:  1. School Bonds yes-no;   1. yes

When a question has no number just type yes or no, and continue.

Sample:Vindex-Nation yes-no; yes

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                          United Kingdom of Christainville Election Ballot 2014

TCC DELEGATE VOTE-The Freeland of Ruth yes-no

Allied Parliament   Armed Union yes-no

Vindex-Nation yes-no

Alykera yes-no


1. School Bonds yes-no

2. Millitary Spending for war on terrorism yes-no

3. Pornographic Material Ban yes-no

4. Abortion Ban yes-no

5. Reform of Public Education yes-no

You have no completed this ballot, review your choices, then exit this ballot. Thank you for voting.